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The Worcester Railers and Agnelli Law Offices - Worcester's Top Lawyers and Pro Hockey Franchise, Team Up!
The Worcester Railers and Agnelli Law, Team Up!

The Worcester Railers and Agnelli Law Offices, Worcester’s Top Lawyers and Hockey Team Together!

Agnelli Law Offices is excited and proud to be an official club sponsor of the Worcester Railers HC ECHL hockey team. Both Joseph Agnelli Jr. and Joseph Agnelli III were hockey goalies and have a great appreciation for the game and the Worcester Railers HC Team. So it only made sense that Worcester’s top law office and Worcester’s premier hockey team partnered up! When an announcer calls out a penalty to a player, you’ll hear and see Agnelli Law Offices name as they are sent to the official Agnelli Law Penalty box. So whether on the ice or in the courtroom Agnelli Law Offices has your back!

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Workers Compensation in Worcester Massachusetts
Agnelli talks with Workers Compensation Experts Writer George Morris

Joseph Agnelli has watched the work industry in the city of Worcester go through some dramatic changes the last 40 years and his business – representing injured workers – has changed right along with it.

Agnelli talks with writer George Morris about how health care and education are now two of primary employers in Worcester and injuries to their workers still require careful attention to make sure they receive all the benefits the workers compensation system in Massachusetts allows.

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Worcester Railers and Agnelli Law Ice Puck
Let’s Go Worcester Railers!
Let’s make 2021-22 a championship season!!

We again look forward to working with the Worcester Railers Hockey Club in the upcoming 2021-22 season and sponsoring the penalty box at the DCU Center. Let’s make it a championship season!!

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10 Year Anniversary of 'The Board' Release
10 Year Anniversary of ‘The Board’ Release

This book examines the origins of workers’ compensation and more importantly describes in rich detail the personalities, attorneys, commissioners and judges who made implementation of this law before the Industrial Accident Board an interesting tale.

One need not have practiced this area of law to enjoy this book.

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Ice Hockey Goalies and Attorneys-at-Law

Ice Hockey Goalies and Attorneys-at-Law, Meet the Attorneys (and goalies) from Agnelli Law Offices! Introductory video of Joe, Jr. and Joe, III, attorneys and co-founding partners of Agnelli Law Offices, P.C., discussing their backgrounds in both law and as ice hockey goalies. Hat-tip to Cam McGuire and Mike Myers from… Read More

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