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I am thanking the Lord Almighty for giving me Attorney Joseph Agnelli, Jr.

I am thanking the Lord Almighty for giving me Attorney Joseph Agnelli, Jr., I want to express my gratitude to Attorney Joseph Agnelli, and his dedicated Team. Always available to help. They did a good representation in defense of my rights. Thanks you all for your efficiency.

Alba N. Robayo

Worcester, MA, 01613

Workers comp was quick to seize payments

I would like to take the opportunity to share my experience I had after getting hurt with the same type of injury for the second time, in 4yrs, at work. Workers comp was quick to seize payments saying my symptoms where due to the first injury. I contacted Agnelli law firm after a friend recommended them. I must say it was the best decision I could have made. As soon as I met Joe and his staff I was greeted with a friendly caring group of people who cared. Joes secretary even went as far as offering a listening ear for my wife due to the amount of stress we were experiencing. We felt a world of stress being lifted off us when we began to realize we were in the right place. Joes expertise and knowledge in the laws were exceptional. Joe took the time to listen and answer any questions we had and he and his remarkable staff were quick to respond to any questions I had along the way Not only was he quick to get my benefits reinstated but his office also was beneficial in helping me get approved for SSI disability. In the end joe negotiated a settlement amount that I could live comfortable with so I could take the time to focus less on my financial problems and more time on recovering. Words cannot express how grateful I am for what this office has done for me and my wife. As a added bonus we immensely enjoyed his secretary’s great sense of humor. she had us laughing every time we visited.

Walter Bertrand

East Brookfield, MA, 01515

Questionable decisions my employer had made about an injury.

I couldn’t possibly be happier with Joe and his team at Agnelli Law Offices. It all started from seeking counsel involving questionable decisions my employer had made about an injury I had sustained to my ear during a fall. I was told by Human Resources that, despite a policy that pays money to those who get scars on their hands or face, my ear didn’t count as my face. I felt I should ask a lawyer if this was truly the case and I found out that it was absolutely not true and my employer knew that it was not true. After a few brief meetings I ended receiving a payment of about $9000 and I was thrilled to get the money that I felt I was entitled to.

But it didn’t end there. Joe went above and beyond and explored a different aspect of my case which ended in an additional settlement of $30,000! This team not only goes WAY above and beyond but is also very friendly, professional and very good at breaking down legal jargon into understandable terms. Everyone from the receptionists to Joe himself was an absolute pleasure to work with and if you believe that your employer is doing anything even remotely questionable do NOT hesitate to call! Everyone in this office is great and hardworking.


Worcester, MA, 01606

My injury came from years of repetitive use.

I am a nurse that has been practicing for over 25 years. My injury came from years of repetitive use. During the pandemic I was expected to assist patients that were not part of my normal scope of practice. My employer and their insurance company were denying all accountability. I was referred to Nathan Johnson by another attorney. From the first phone call I was confident that I was speaking to the right attorney. I had trust in Nathan’s ability to resolve my case. For close to two years Nathan fought to secure the best outcome possible. Nathan kept in touch and any call or inquiry was responded to promptly. I am more than pleased with my settlement. The team at Agnelli Law had the knowledge and experience to obtain the benefits I was entitled to. I would have no hesitation in recommending Nathan Johnson and Agnelli Law to friends and family!

Joanne Dickinson

Wilmington, MA, 01887

I was hurt in an industrial accident at work

I was hurt in an industrial accident at work and I contacted Agnelli Law Offices and spoke with Joe Agnelli Jr. He was was very knowledgeable of the laws that govern worker’s compensation. He guided me through the process and was successful on getting the judgement in my favor. He and his staff were very professional and very courteous. I was able to call at anytime and ask a question and would get a professional response. I can not say enough about the pleasant experience I had with Joe and his Team.  I highly recommend Agnelli Law Offices

Francis F. Kearns

Norton, MA, 02766

Seriously injured at work I had to navigate Worker’s Compensation

I highly recommend Joe Agnelli. Having been seriously injured at work I had to navigate Worker’s Compensation and eventually the MA State Retirement system. This was extremely upsetting and disruptive to my family and I. Without Joe’s experience and ability to understand the stress this placed on my wife, family and I, the entire situation would have seemed overwhelming. Joe Jr. (The Elder), Joe III and their staff navigated us through complex systems to ensure I had access to critical medical treatments, benefits and eventually secure ongoing medical care for the rest of my life.

Joe’s expertise and familiarity with multiple state agencies and his compassion made a very difficult time for my family and I less daunting. We are confident a favorable conclusion was reached because of their profoundly deep knowledge gained from decades of dedication advocating for and helping people through some of the most uncertain, stressful times in their life. They are the practitioner’s other practitioners seek out for guidance and we benefited from their extraordinary capacity to anticipate and prepare us for whatever the next challenge was.

They were transparent and realistic as they kept us up to date on any and all aspects of my case and reasonable associated costs. They provided fact-based guidance and solutions so we could plan and prepare when I was faced with roadblocks and treatment denials. As clients we appreciated the respectful, professional and intelligent way in which they conducted themselves as they attended to my case and represented me.

They never wavered on their dedication to helping us and understood how this impacted our entire family. We are still with them 6 years later and to this day our questions are always responded to quickly and with patience, kindness, empathy and foresight. It can be a very long road and they know it can be, they are with you for the long haul, and in my case, the rest of my life. Their credibility, nuanced perspectives and continuity in how my case was/is represented and handled has been extremely valuable for long-term handling and securing favorable results. I am completely satisfied with the services Joe provided and the outcome he was able to lead us to and grateful for everything they do for us.

Eric Anderson

East Brookfield, MA, 01515