Questionable decisions my employer had made about an injury.

I couldn’t possibly be happier with Joe and his team at Agnelli Law Offices. It all started from seeking counsel involving questionable decisions my employer had made about an injury I had sustained to my ear during a fall. I was told by Human Resources that, despite a policy that pays money to those who get scars on their hands or face, my ear didn’t count as my face. I felt I should ask a lawyer if this was truly the case and I found out that it was absolutely not true and my employer knew that it was not true. After a few brief meetings I ended receiving a payment of about $9000 and I was thrilled to get the money that I felt I was entitled to.

But it didn’t end there. Joe went above and beyond and explored a different aspect of my case which ended in an additional settlement of $30,000! This team not only goes WAY above and beyond but is also very friendly, professional and very good at breaking down legal jargon into understandable terms. Everyone from the receptionists to Joe himself was an absolute pleasure to work with and if you believe that your employer is doing anything even remotely questionable do NOT hesitate to call! Everyone in this office is great and hardworking.

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