Seriously injured at work I had to navigate Worker’s Compensation

I highly recommend Joe Agnelli. Having been seriously injured at work I had to navigate Worker’s Compensation and eventually the MA State Retirement system. This was extremely upsetting and disruptive to my family and I. Without Joe’s experience and ability to understand the stress this placed on my wife, family and I, the entire situation would have seemed overwhelming. Joe Jr. (The Elder), Joe III and their staff navigated us through complex systems to ensure I had access to critical medical treatments, benefits and eventually secure ongoing medical care for the rest of my life.

Joe’s expertise and familiarity with multiple state agencies and his compassion made a very difficult time for my family and I less daunting. We are confident a favorable conclusion was reached because of their profoundly deep knowledge gained from decades of dedication advocating for and helping people through some of the most uncertain, stressful times in their life. They are the practitioner’s other practitioners seek out for guidance and we benefited from their extraordinary capacity to anticipate and prepare us for whatever the next challenge was.

They were transparent and realistic as they kept us up to date on any and all aspects of my case and reasonable associated costs. They provided fact-based guidance and solutions so we could plan and prepare when I was faced with roadblocks and treatment denials. As clients we appreciated the respectful, professional and intelligent way in which they conducted themselves as they attended to my case and represented me.

They never wavered on their dedication to helping us and understood how this impacted our entire family. We are still with them 6 years later and to this day our questions are always responded to quickly and with patience, kindness, empathy and foresight. It can be a very long road and they know it can be, they are with you for the long haul, and in my case, the rest of my life. Their credibility, nuanced perspectives and continuity in how my case was/is represented and handled has been extremely valuable for long-term handling and securing favorable results. I am completely satisfied with the services Joe provided and the outcome he was able to lead us to and grateful for everything they do for us.

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